Challenge Yourself…Just Try It!

Remember my last blog post? Okay, so you didn’t quite read it? Well the titled says it all… “New Year, Same Me”. I stated how I am comfortable with who I am but I’m always striving to find ways to be happier, to enjoy life, and to try new things…

With that being said, one of my “new things” that I wanted to try this year…was to challenge myself more with life, my mind, and my body.

IMG_7009So, a little back history about myself. I’ve been working out now for about a year in a half, 5 days a week. (Of course, I’ve missed a few days here or there but I’m almost always there 5 days a week!) I originally started this after my Put In Bay season (an island on Lake Erie that I bartend at) due to not eating right, drinking too much, and just feeling terrible about myself. I found a trainer in my hometown that was willing and able to help me out. To my surprise, he specializes in “Powerlifting”.

So if you do not know or understand what that is…here is a quick idea of what “Powerlifting” is according to

“First and foremost, what is powerlifting?

Powerlifting, often confused with Olympic lifting, is an individualized sport in which competitors attempt to lift as much weight as possible for one repetition in the squat, bench press, and deadlift. Each lifter is placed into a specific division and classified by several variables including weight class, age group, and experience level. Further subdivisions are made between what is known as “raw” and “geared” powerlifters, indicating whether or not the individual is wearing supportive equipment during the competition.

Competitions are generally all-day events that begin with the squat, progress to the bench press, and conclude with the deadlift. Every lifter is allowed three attempts at each lift, making for a total of nine competition lifts throughout the day.

Three officials serve as judges and collectively decide whether or not a lift is considered “good” or “bad.” Each judge’s decision is represented by a panel of red and white lights (white indicating a “good” lift and red indicating a “bad” lift) displayed after each attempt. Two or three white lights are sufficient for a “good” lift while one or less is disqualified.

At the end of the day, awards are presented to the lifters with the highest squat, bench press, deadlift, and total within their division. A lifter’s total is determined by the sum of his/her best lifts, and the individual with the highest total is considered the all-around strongest lifter in his division.”

IMG_7006Now, when most of you hear this, you think of BIG guys, and most of all BIG girls. Truth is, a woman does not get big unless she is truly taking something to make her big. It’s not in our natural system, have the testosterone, and “build” to get big. So, please do not worry when lifting heavy as a woman.

I personally enjoy it. I enjoy the training I do. It’s a wide variety of repetitions and weights with some days of heavy squats, deadlifts, and bench. The feeling I get when going heavy or as we call it a PR, is truly a strong mental and physical accomplishment for all the hard work I put in during training is truly a reminder that in life hard work pays off! I am by no means saying that I am a professional, saying that I am the best, or even truly know exactly all that I am talking about but I do know that I enjoy the training for the sport, I enjoy learning about it, and most of all I enjoy the feeling and outcome that comes with it. I have an amazing trainer to make sure to switch things up, stay healthy, teach me the proper technique and style, and most of all stay safe.

But, I will be honest, my body has gone through a lot of transformation. IMG_5764I’ve become “bigger” is some areas and smaller in others. However, when I say bigger, I should say….more fit. I’m not big and as I stated above, women do not get “big” unless they truly are trying to get “big”. But, my body has changed…and to be honest, I feel the best I ever have even though I have to buy bigger shirts or pants. I feel fit. And I feel good and that is all that matters!

However, with working out, comes the diet or should I say eating right. Many people work out and just don’t eat right or vice versa they diet but do not work out.

Let’s be honest, I could go on and on about that but that’s not what I’m writing this post for…I wrote this post to explain about challenging ourselves more…

Of course my last post described my “FUN LIST” of what I wanted to do this season. I’m not too big on “New Years Resolutions” but what I am big on is challenging myself.

IMG_5152I love to work out but I also love food. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a love for healthy food but I know sometimes my portions are wrong, I do not stick to it, and most of all I splurge way too much. So, it was time to do something that I know I would have to stick to and make it work.

The girls at my gym did a 30 day challenge to basically cut weight during October. Unfortunately, I was unable to do this due to my crazy work life during that time of year. I secretly really wanted to do this challenge.

So, in speaking to my mom about what she wanted to do this New Year, she explained that she wanted to lose some weight and get back to being a little healthier.

A light bulb went off in my head!

I told her, lets do this 30 day challenge! I explained, it will not be easy…but if we do it together, I know it will work and we will feel better. Most of all, I needed to cleanse my body for my next trip to Thailand…

So, we said, lets do this! Unfortunately, due to my crazy life, I can only do this for 25 days because that is when I leave for Thailand but my mom will be completing the full 30.

I returned home from Florida yesterday, we splurged and went to Olive Garden and enjoyed a nice meal together as it was our last meal, we then went grocery shopping and are prepared for this week.

The challenge is safe and proven to work IF we follow it absolutely correctly and to a tea! We eat quite well and is just really the same shit all the time. You eat your chicken, steak, rice, and sweet potatoes and vegetables…. plain jane. Oh and my favorite plain rice cakes for snacks…mmmmmm!IMG_7541

However, if myself and my mom can feel better, get back on a healthy eating habit, and most of all complete this challenge, we will feel much more confident about ourselves and life’s future endeavors because we did it!

(I will keep you posted on our results as we took some before pictures, weighed ourselves, and measured but I’m going to save until the very end….so you can truly see the change, the commitment, and most of all the dedication and maybe get some motivation for yourselves!)

So in closing, I would like to let you know that I truly know it’s hard to stay in shape. It’s hard to eat right. It’s hard to work out. But, it’s so unbelievably important for our mind, body, and soul to do. It helps us in so many ways both physically and mentally.

I know I’m not perfect but I know that I am trying. And I truly support anyone trying to improve his or her fitness and eating habits! Remember, one day at a time, do what you can, and most of all, CHALLENGE YOURSELF!






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