Why Thailand?

So I booked a trip to Thailand…

Thailand1Go ahead and ask…”What? Why Thailand?” (Don’t worry that’s almost everyone’s reaction.)

Here has been my general response…
“Why not!?”, “I found a cheap flight so I decided to just go!”, “A lot of backpackers that I know have been and have raved about it”, “I heard it’s pretty cheap once you get there”.

However there is much more as to why I decided to go to Thailand… Here are my reasons: (In no specific order)


  1. Their Culture- Have you ever heard or known about the Thai Culture? Probably not..and neither did I until recently. They like to live in the present. Not the past. Not the Future. But in the NOW. How many times in the United States culture are we encouraged or more so expected to think about our future? A LOT. I can’t wait to just 100 percent live in the moment!
  2. Their Weather- It’s amazing to me the variations in weather and how little we know about weather not just in our own country but in others. I’ve been asked a lot about what their weather is like while I am there. Well, the good news is, it will not be their “rainy” season while I am there. Today in Bangkok it was 73 degrees with a high of 92. Needless to say, while we are there it will be anywhere from 75-95 degrees Fahrenheit. It will be hot but I love the sun and for that it will be absolutely worth it!
  3. Their Food- It’s evident that Thai food is not the most common food in the United States but it has slowly been making a bigger appearance. Many of us are becoming familiar with it and I have learned to quite enjoy it. I really learned and experienced Thai food while I was in Australia. However, they say that it is much different over there than it is here. And let’s be honest, I love food, and I love trying new things and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about their street food. (Which they HIGHLY recommend you eat versus a restaurant because you can really see how it is prepared.) I am really excited experience “real Thai Food”.
  4. Their Islands/Scenery- Have you ever seen a picture of Thailand? Sure most of the time it’s cropped or photoshopped but I can guarantee it is absolutely stunning photoshopped or not! With all the pictures I have seen, I can’t wait to see them in real life. I love beaches, I love islands, and most of all I love seeing new parts of the world that bring a new light and vision on life…
  5. The People- Almost all the articles I have read have stated, the people are extremely nice. It is honestly known as “Land of Smiles”. Obviously, like any country, there will be tourist scams and crimes but it is stated that the people of Thailand are friendly, open and kind. (You hear that Dad!?… Yes, my dad is very very worried in which he has a right to be…but as with any travel, I did my research and have planned accordingly”
  6. It’s affordable- When I said, I found a cheap flight, I mean it. Just look up a round trip for a certain time of the year, and I guarantee you will be absolutely surprised! Better yet, the best part is the dollar goes a long way in Thailand. Plenty of hotels and guesthouses for under $20.00! The street food for example is equivalent to a $1.00 or less for an entire meal! Beat that McDonalds!
  7. Lastly…To CHALLENGE myself- It’s evident that I like to travel. (If’ you did not know, I really love to travel) But to be completely honest, I love to challenge myself. I love to try something new. I love to go somewhere new. Many of you think this is so easy for me, to just pack my things and go. But it is really not. Not one bit. Every time I leave, I leave my family, my friends, my house, my dog, my lifestyle. It’s hard. And saying goodbye never gets easier.


I am going to Thailand!!! It is pretty god damn far away! I can not speak their language. I Thailand2do not know very much about their style of living. Most of all, it is basically all completely new to me and all I will have with me is one little back pack! Talk about a challenge….

However, I travel to stay on my toes. I travel to be happier. I ravel to build self-confidence. I travel to experience new things. I travel to make memories. I travel to meet new people. Most of all, I travel to break my routine.

How many times, do we say, we need a vacation. Or we need to get away…. Most of us say it a lot and if not, we think it, or we want it, and we know when we need it.

And right now, in my life, I need it. I found this article on Huff Post- “11 Reasons Why Travel Makes You a Happier Person” and I find it very interesting and put my spin on it for this upcoming trip…

*Find More Self-Confidence by Dealing with Unexpected Situations.- As I stated above, my dad and many of my friends and family are very worried about me over in Thailand. However, I know that my friend (Yes, I have a friend going with me so I am not going completely solo) and I have done a lot of research, talked to people whom have previous been and live there, and most of all are very very smart women. I do, however, take into consideration that we may have to deal with unexpected situations but to me, that is part of life. That to me, is a way to learn. Good, bad, ugly situations will always make me a stronger person if I learn for myself how to get through them.

*Be Happier-When I travel, I’m happy or I at least find my happiness again. When you go to an island or to paradise where the locals are happy and smiling, and friendly, it’s truly a contagious feeling. And for that reason, I learn to cherish the small things again and just be happier.

*Appreciate my Friends and Family More- Truthfully, I have already learned this. Traveling to Australia 4 times now, I really have learned to appreciate my home. I really can say I am comfortable with where I live, with my parents, my friends and most of all myself. Yet, every single time I travel, I learn to appreciate it and them more and more…

*You Make New Friends- This is one of my favorite parts of traveling. I love to meet new people. I love to strike up a conversation, learn about someone, and where they are from and connect in a way that I probably will never see them again but will be able to keep up with via social media and who knows, maybe someday see each other again! There are so many people in this world and I cherish every single person I get to meet because everyone has a story and everyone is unique!

*Detox From Social Media- This by far, is pretty much my top favorite. Ask my friends, when I go on vacation, I like to put away my phone. I like to enjoy my trip and take in as much as I can. Sure it’s nice to get wifi in a country and talk to my friends and family but its nice to get away from Facebook, Instagram, and the drama that coincides with that. Of course, I post here and there, but I refuse to be on my phone the entire time. It’s important when on vacation to really be on vacation…

*Getting Some You Time- If you don’t know me, I work a lot. I work hard and have a pretty crazy, hectic lifestyle. I do not take much time for myself. If I’m not working, I’m usually trying to help one of my friends or help my parents or something along those lines. I don’t like to spend money on myself. And I don’t like to take much time for myself because in my head, I should be doing something else. So, when I go on vacation, I really do make sure, I take some much needed “ME” time. I splurge a little on myself but I know I have worked hard and earned every bit of it.

*Education, Education, Education- I can’t stress this enough…I have become a much more well rounded person because of my travels. I have honestly learned more traveling than I have with some of my college classes. I’ve learned about myself, about others, about life, and been put into situations where I have been forced to figure out on my own. It’s amazing how much you can learn by traveling!

*Get a Vitamin D Boost- Need I say anymore, I need Sun to be happy. Hence why I have to get out and take a vacation. Sunshine and warmth generally puts us in a much better mood! I can 100 percent agree, at least for me! And trust me, I know Thailand will provide the Vitamin D that I need!

*You’re More Interesting- Once again, if you do not know me or you do, I live a pretty interesting life. But I like to keep it interesting, I like to be spontaneous, adventurous, and most of all courageous! I like to have stories, to have memories, and keep things interesting. So, if that means booking a trip to Thailand, then why not!? Let’s do it.

*New Experiences Give Us Moments To Remember- I have so many moments that I have experienced that I am able to remember but I want to keep having this unbelievable moments that I will forever remember. Whether it be a sunset in Hawaii, , standing alone on a beach in Australia or playing like a little kid on the 7 Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, I will always want to create a moment to remember wherever I am at….

*The Effects of Traveling, Aren’t Just Short-Term- Sure, Traveling makes me happy when I am there but I always feel like I come back with a happier and better outlook on life. I see things not always in a new/different way but more so, I see things from another point of view. I’m able to view and understand things better. I’m able to have more confidence in myself. And that will stay with me for a very long time….

thailand3I know this post was extremely long but I wanted to clarify; Why Thailand, Why travel, and What happens to me when I do travel.

And I will end with this… I will forever be grateful for being able to travel.   However, when you think that you can’t travel, you can. Anyone can. You have to want it. You have to earn it. And you have to just make it happen. Just do it, once. By yourself or with a friend and you will get the bug or the urge and see all of these things to realize and understand, it truly does make you happier and a better person all around!

So, see you soon Thailand. Will update you when I can…. 😉 (Don’t worry, we have a ton of amazing, cool, and adventurous things planned that I will tell you after I get to experience. And Dad, don’t worry, I will be safe!)


“Travel Makes You Realize That No Matter How Much You Know, There’s Always More To Learn”


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