I’ve had to think long and hard how I’m going to start this blog again….

For example…How in the HELL am I going to catch your attention? Have YOU want to read about things that I write about….hmmm….

Well…here it is. It’s a NEW YEAR….AND SAME ME!

kt blog2

I’m all for it being a new year for everyone. I’m all for a time in our lives to start fresh, to make changes, and to better yourselves, but this whole, “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” is just not okay with ME…

I’ve come pretty far in my life. Meaning, I’ve been through breakups, deaths, financial struggles, family issues, job changes, and a lot of other things that I’m sure many of you have been through. It’s hard at times. And we all deal with in variety of ways… but truth is…for those of you reading this we all are still here. We all are still living life or like many just going through the motions…And trust me, many times PATIENCE is key….

This past year, I did something that sometimes takes many people years and years to do and for some unfortunately never do.

I accepted my life. Most of all I accepted me.

I know I’m not perfect. I know I know my life is not normal. I know I do not have a full time “real” job. I know I do not have “normal” parents. I know I am not married. I know I do not have kids. I know I could go on and on about how “different” I am….

But really what is normal? And why do we have to be “normal”? (BORING!)

We grow up in a society that suggests that we have to go to school, graduate, get a degree, get a job, get married, get a house, and have kids. (Basically)

But where in there does it state to have fun, to live life, to accept life, to be independent, and most of all to grow on our own for us….and to be “YOU”…

So instead of “NEKT Hawaii BlogW YEAR, NEW ME”, I’m doing a “NEW YEAR, SAME ME”.

I enjoy my life. I cherish my life. And I can’t wait to explore more of my life!
With that being said here is what I want to do this year: You could call this New Years Resolutions, I like to call it…

1. GO TO THAILAND- (Already booked, I leave in Febuary!)

  1. GO FISHING- (I haven’t been in years!)

  2. GO TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS- (I’ve been once but really want to go now that I’m older and enjoy it now and may even go this week!)

  3. LEARN TO DRIVE STICK (Yes, I know I’ve never driven a stick shift but I promise you, I will learn even if I’m terrible at it)

  4. COOK A NEW MEAL FROM COMPLETE SCRATCH (I think its fun to cook and learn to cook something new)

  5. GO TO A STRIP CLUB- (I know this seems crazy that I have never been but I have to at least do it once!)

  6. GO TO VEGAS (Yes, I know I travel a lot of places and I’ve never been to Vegas!)

  7. HOLD A TIGER OR RIDE AN ELEPHANT IN THAILAND (Yes, I better do this in FEBUARY or else I’m going back!)

  8. GO WATER SKIING OR TUBING (I work on an island on Summer and have never done either of these, I think it’s truly time)

  9. LASTLY…I always try to challenge myself with one of my FUN idea’s to do…. I’ve been skydiving, I’ve been snorkeling, I’ve shot a gun and all things that I was pretty scared to do but honestly I’m pretty scared to go SCUBA DIVING….with that being said, it’s making its way to my “FUN LIST” FOR THIS YEAR!


I’m sure there is plenty more I want to do and most of all WILL do and that is what this blog is for! To keep you posted on my crazy, fun, and most of all spontaneous adventures because truth is life is too short as many say to me. “Do it while you can”. And by can, I mean , just make the time to have a little fun…we all need it to have some sanity!

Cheers to a new year and please feel free to comment with future posts, thoughts, adventures, and idea’s to have some fun for this new year! It’s my goal to make this blog as real, as fun, and inspiring as I can this year!

“The greatest act of courage is to be & own all that you are. Without apology. Without excuses & without any masks to cover the truth of who you truly are. “



*Go Skiing and/or Snowboarding-CHECK

* Go Paddleboarding

*Go Surfing

*Go Paintballing

*Go on a snowmobile or 4 wheeler

*Volunteer with a charity-CHECK

*Go Bungee Jumping

*Attend a country concert in the Summer

*Go to the Kentucky Derby

*Grow my OWN garden

*Go fishing

*Learn a new language

*Visit a new state

*Backpack Europe

*Get a nice camera and make it a nice hobby- Just purchased one today: )-CHECK

*STILL NEED TO Learn how to shoot a gun at a shooting range-CHECK

*STILL NEED TO Learn how to drive stick

*STILL NEED TO learn how to line dance




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